In the modern industrial environment, the efficient and sustainable recovery of chemicals is of paramount importance. Anssum leads the way in this specialised field, offering engineered solutions that not only optimise chemical recovery processes but also contribute to sustainability and cost-efficiency. With successful projects across various geographies, we are committed to setting new standards in the industry.

The Importance of Chemical Recovery

Chemical recovery isn’t just a process; it’s a vital component of industrial sustainability. Inefficient chemical recovery can lead to increased operational costs and negative environmental impacts. At Anssum, we tackle this challenge through a variety of projects aimed at enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of chemical recovery processes.

Our Multifaceted Approach

Our initiatives in chemical recovery are diverse, covering critical aspects of industrial operations:

  • Sulfate Recovery Process (SRP) Optimisation: We focus on achieving tighter control over chemical recovery processes to ensure maximum sulfate recovery, thereby reducing raw material consumption and improving process stability.
  • Combustion Optimisation: Our solutions also extend to optimising the combustion processes involved in chemical recovery, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum emissions.

Global Footprint

Anssum’s chemical recovery initiatives have seen successful implementations in multiple countries, including South Africa. These projects underscore our global commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient chemical recovery processes.

Measurable Technical Achievements

The effectiveness of our solutions is best demonstrated through quantifiable results:

  • Our SRP Optimisation project led to increased stability and reduced raw material consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.

The Road Ahead

Chemical recovery remains a dynamic field requiring constant innovation. At Anssum, we continue to invest in research and development to pioneer new solutions that can set industry benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability.


Anssum’s chemical recovery drives epitomise our commitment to engineering excellence and sustainable industrial practices. By focusing on optimisation and control, we provide our clients with solutions that exceed expectations in both efficiency and sustainability. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of chemical recovery.