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Tailored Optimisation for Sustainable Efficiency

At Anssum, we pride ourselves in our ability to pinpoint process inefficiencies and crafting custom-engineered energy solutions that resonate with your operational objectives. Our all-encompassing approach, anchored in profound process insight and enduring partnerships, unveils concealed opportunities for energy conservation and efficiency enhancement. This journey is about more than just problem-solving; it’s about embarking on meaningful projects that harbour the potential for measurable industry transformation, delivering value that echoes through your operations, and nurturing a sustainable future for both industry and environment.

No Setup

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing setups, requiring no modifications.

No Additional Hardware/Software

No need for additional control hardware or software, facilitating a quick return on investment.

Online Operation

Engineered to remain online continuously for sustained value delivery.

Ongoing Efficiency Improvements

Promotes ongoing efficiency improvements in your operations.

“No matter the energy hurdle, Anssum identifies it and crafts meaningful solutions. We turn challenges into sustainable efficiency, ensuring a seamless blend of operational advancement and environmental responsibility.”


Our team of experts delve deep into your production and process dynamics, identifying areas of energy inefficiencies, and understanding the unique challenges your operation faces. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for the tailored solutions we provide.

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Maximise the efficiency of heat exchangers to reduce energy consumption and improve overall process efficiency.

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Optimise the combustion process in boilers to ensure fuel is burned efficiently, minimising energy wastage.

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Increase boiler thermal efficiency with smart soot blowing, yielding additional steam from the same fuel firing rate.

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Extend the operational intervals for MEE evaporators, reducing steam usage and improving efficiency.

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Tighter control of exit solids density, as well as vacuum stabilisation resulting in higher dry solids to steam ratios.

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ANSSUM’S ENERGY EFFICIENCY DRIVES ENGINEERING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE In today’s industrial landscape, sustainability and energy efficiency are more than buzzwords—they are necessities. Anssum is a leading innovator in this space, offering specialised engineering solutions that enhance energy efficiency across diverse industrial applications. With projects in various countries, our mission is...

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SOOT BLOWING OPTIMISATION BOOSTING BOILER EFFICIENCY In the field of energy conservation, Anssum’s latest venture, the “Soot Blowing Optimisation” project in New Zealand, stands as a prime example of their commitment to sustainable innovation. Initiated in October 2022 and concluded in May 2023, this project aims to harness the power...

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EVAPORATORS VACUUM OPTIMISATION MAXIMISING EFFICIENCY WITH MIMO SYSTEMS In the quest for energy conservation and operational efficiency, Anssum’s recent “Evaporators Vacuum Optimisation” project in Canada epitomises their innovative spirit and commitment to sustainable solutions. Launched on 01/03/2023 and currently in progress, this initiative seeks to redefine the boundaries of evaporator...

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RECOVERY BOILER AIR SUPPLY STABILISATION HARNESSING MIMO FOR PRECISION CONTROL The pursuit of innovation in the realm of energy conservation is ceaseless, and Anssum has consistently been at the forefront of this journey. Their recent initiative, the “Recovery Boiler Air Supply Stabilisation” project, launched in Canada from 01/03/2023 and presently...

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RECOVERY BOILER COMBUSTION OPTIMISATION ELEVATING EFFICIENCY THROUGH PRECISION CONTROL Canada’s industrial sector is a beacon of innovation, and leading this transformative journey is Anssum. With its latest project, the “Recovery Boiler Combustion Optimisation,” initiated in Canada from 01/03/2023 and currently in progress, Anssum aims to redefine the standards of boiler...

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EVAPORATOR PREDICTIVE WASHING SCHEDULING REVOLUTIONISING MAINTENANCE WITH PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS Canada, with its vast industrial framework, has always been a hub for innovation and forward-thinking approaches. Anssum, leading the charge in this domain, initiated a pioneering project known as the “Evaporator Predictive Washing Scheduling” between 01/01/2022 – 01/07/2022 in Canada. The...

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