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At Anssum, our mission is to carve a path towards a more sustainable industry and environment through crafting chemical recovery solutions tailored to your operational objectives. As we delve deep to confront your unique challenges head-on, our focus initially centered around chemical recovery, broadens through a suite of solutions addressing diverse facets of operational recovery. This comprehensive approach is designed to amplify efficiency while headlining sustainability as its cornerstone. Our endeavour exceeds traditional problem-solving; it’s a voyage into meaningful projects with the promise of measurable advancements.

Our Process

From Challenge Identification to Tailored Recovery Solutions

Challenge Identification

Our in-depth analysis uncovers key challenges, with a spotlight on chemical usage and recovery, setting the stage for holistic recovery solutions.

Solution Customisation

Leveraging the insights from the analysis, we craft tailored recovery solutions that address the identified challenges, aligning with your operational goals.


ANSSUM’S CHEMICAL RECOVERY DRIVES ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS In the modern industrial environment, the efficient and sustainable recovery of chemicals is of paramount importance. Anssum leads the way in this specialised field, offering engineered solutions that not only optimise chemical recovery processes but also contribute to sustainability and cost-efficiency....

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BROWN STOCK WASHING OPTIMISATION PIONEERING EFFICIENCY IN SOUTH AFRICA Water conservation, efficient chemical usage, and environmental responsibility are at the core of modern industrial processes. Anssum’s “Brown Stock Washing Optimisation” project in South Africa encapsulates these values, showcasing a masterclass in control engineering and process optimisation. Project Overview Categories: Water,...

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DROPLEG PULP CONSISTENCY SOFT SENSOR ADVANCING CHEMICAL MONITORING IN SOUTH AFRICA The chemical industry, with its intricate processes and precision requirements, constantly seeks ways to optimise and innovate. Anssum’s recent project in South Africa, titled “Dropleg Pulp Consistency Soft Sensor,” stands as a shining example of how technology can be...

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ENHANCING EFFICIENCY IN SOUTH AFRICA’S LIQUOR FILTERS CONTROL In the quest for greater efficiency in the realms of chemicals, environment, and energy, Anssum’s project centred on the Liquor Filters Control Optimisation in South Africa offers a blueprint for enhanced process efficiency and sustainability. Project Overview Focus Areas: Chemicals, Environment, Energy...

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MAXIMISING HEAT TRANSFER IN SOUTH AFRICA’S BATCH DIGESTER LP GAS RELEASE In a world where water, chemical, and environmental efficiency are imperative, Anssum’s innovative approach to the Batch Digester LP Gas Release project in South Africa stands out, illustrating the company’s dedication to enhancing process efficacy while prioritising sustainable practices....

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OPTIMISING FLASH TANKS IN SOUTH AFRICA A DIVE INTO WATER, CHEMICAL, AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFICIENCY In the intricate dance of water, chemicals, and environmental processes, achieving optimal performance is crucial. Anssum’s initiative on Flash Tanks Optimisation in South Africa serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to driving systems to...

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Why Anssum’s Recovery Solutions?

Our recovery solutions are ideal if you are looking to enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, or manage chemical recovery more effectively. Tailored to your unique operational context, our solutions deliver tangible improvements, ensuring a swift return on investment.

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