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Environmental Impact Reduction Solutions

Pioneering a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Anssum, our staunch commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable growth propels us to engineer solutions that minimise the ecological footprint of industrial processes without compromising on production efficiency and throughput. We harbor the vision to aid enterprises in attaining their environmental goals while also addressing community concerns.

Holistic Optimisation

Our methodology in slashing environmental impact is both comprehensive and holistic. Embracing a mill-wide approach, we optimise not just isolated equipment and processes, but scrutinise their interplay with other operational facets. This ensures our solutions deliver tangible, measurable value to both the environment and the industry.

Environmental Impact Mitigation

Our ingenious solutions, crafted to elevate energy efficiency and pare down the environmental impact of industrial operations, meld advanced process control, machine learning, and physics-enhanced optimisation. A testament to this is our ‘Beyond Intelligent Soot Blowing & Boiler Optimisation’ solution, adept at maintaining an optimal heat transfer coefficient throughout the campaign life under all plant operating conditions, thereby averting excessive fouling, sintering, and plugging, which in turn results in notable energy savings and diminished emissions.

Customised Solutions for Diverse Operational Landscapes

We cognise the distinctiveness of each company and mill, hence we engage closely with each client to curate solutions that resonate with their specific needs. By meticulously analysing your mill’s objectives, constraints, and hardware setup, we sculpt solutions tailored to your exclusive requisites.

Our Process

From Challenge Identification to Tailored Recovery Solutions

Challenge Identification

A thorough examination of your water systems (and production/operations interaction with this system) unveils the challenges and inefficiencies, laying a clear roadmap to solutions.

Solution Customisation

Armed with insights, we tailor solutions that directly address your water challenges, ensuring a seamless alignment with your operational objectives and constraints.

Is Anssum's Environmental Impact Reduction Right for Your Mill?

Our solution emerges as a beacon for mills grappling with:

  • Escalating raw materials and energy costs

  • Fossil fuel availability

  • Underwhelming outcomes from previous projects

  • Community relations strained by pollution concerns

  • Looming legislative amendments

  • Internal resource constraints


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