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Anssum Process Simulation Solutions

Digital Twin Technology for Advanced System Insight

At Anssum, we harness the power of digital twin technology to construct an accurate, real-time digital counterpart of your physical plant. By integrating physics-enhanced models and advanced system identification techniques, we unveil the intricate dynamics of your operations. Our process simulation solutions allow for meticulous process analysis, enabling your team to conduct experiments, assess responses to variables, and explore optimisation scenarios without the risk to actual production.

Advanced Digital Representation

Our digital twins are more than just virtual models; they are dynamic simulation environments enriched with real-world chemistry and physics data. This allows for unparalleled accuracy in predicting system behaviors under various conditions.

In-Depth System Identification

Utilising sparse system identification methods, we distill complex processes into understandable and actionable insights. Our technology identifies the essential elements that govern your plant’s dynamics, paving the way for robust process simulation and control.

Advanced Control Integration

Step into the control seat with our interactive user interface, complete with controller settings to fine-tune system responses. Simulate disturbances, adjust setpoints, and visualise the impacts of changes in real-time, empowering decision-making and highlighting optimisation potentials.

Tailored to Your Operational Blueprint

We understand that no two plants are the same, which is why our process simulation solutions are designed with customisation at their core. Our team works closely with you to tailor the digital twin to the specific needs of your operation, ensuring a fit-for-purpose tool that aligns with your unique process parameters and objectives.

Sustainability Mindset

Leveraging our digital twin technology not only enhances efficiency but also promotes sustainability within your operations. By optimising process flows and reducing waste, we help you achieve your environmental targets. Our solutions are built with the future in mind, aiding in the reduction of carbon footprints and contributing to a greener planet.

Your Data's Integrity: Our Priority

In the age of information, the security of your data is paramount. Our digital twin platform employs advanced encryption and complies with international standards to protect your operational data. We commit to regular audits and updates to stay ahead of cyber threats, giving you peace of mind.

Knowledge Transfer and Enablement

Adoption of advanced technology is as much about people as it is about software. We provide comprehensive training sessions, detailed documentation, and ongoing educational support to ensure your team is fully empowered to utilise the digital twin to its maximum potential.

Adaptable to the Changing Industrial Landscape

We’re committed to ensuring that our digital twins evolve with your business. As new technologies and processes emerge, our solutions adapt, ensuring that your operations remain at the cutting edge. With Anssum, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re setting the pace.

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