In recent times, industries across the globe have been under immense pressure to adopt sustainable practices and optimise their energy consumption. In this vein, Anssum embarked on a pivotal project in South Africa with the objective of bolstering the thermal efficiency of recovery boilers. Here’s a deep dive into the project’s specifics and its noteworthy outcomes.

Project Overview

  • Focus Area: Energy
  • Country: South Africa
  • Description: MEE Cleaning
  • Status: Completed
  • Timeline: September 2020 – May 2021

The Challenge

Recovery boilers, fundamental to various industrial applications, frequently face diminished thermal efficiency due to the accumulation of soot. This buildup not only impedes boiler functionality but also results in heightened fuel usage, leading to increased operational costs.

The Anssum Solution

Identifying the root of the problem, Anssum rolled out a smart soot blowing system. This innovative system, as opposed to conventional fixed-interval methods, employs state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to pinpoint the ideal moment for soot blowing. By ensuring timely soot removal, the heat transfer surfaces remain uncontaminated, thereby optimising the boiler’s thermal efficiency.

Technical Value

The introduction of the smart soot blowing mechanism yielded tangible improvements in the boiler’s performance metrics. Specifically, an additional 5 t/h of steam was generated at the same fuel firing rate. This not only denotes a decrease in fuel demands but also culminates in considerable long-term cost benefits.


Anssum’s initiative in South Africa serves as a compelling case study, showcasing the transformative potential of control engineering and process optimisation in realising significant energy conservation. With the successful deployment of the smart soot blowing infrastructure, the recovery boiler’s thermal efficiency witnessed marked enhancements, setting the stage for a sustainable and economically viable operational trajectory.

“In the ever-evolving industrial milieu, embracing cutting-edge innovations and solutions is paramount. As we remain steadfast in our mission to craft solutions centered around conserving critical resources, endeavors like these underscore our unwavering dedication to fostering a sustainable tomorrow.”