Water conservation is an integral component of sustainability strategies worldwide. Emphasising this priority, Anssum embarked on a venture in South Africa to refine the Heat Exchanger (HE) Condensate Recovery process. This article sheds light on the challenges, applied solutions, and the remarkable results of the project.

Project Overview

  • Focus Area: Water Conservation
  • Country: South Africa
  • Description: Heat Exchanger Condensate Recovery
  • Status: Completed
  • Timeline: August 13, 2022 – September 13, 2022

The Challenge

Preliminary evaluations indicated that the condensate recovery efficiency stood at 40%. While this benchmark was noteworthy, Anssum identified room for further enhancement and resolved to boost this recovery efficiency.

The Anssum Approach

To augment the condensate recovery efficiency, Anssum adopted a multifaceted strategy:

  • Needle Valve Addition: A needle valve was incorporated into the sample line, providing refined control and facilitating nuanced adjustments, both essential for optimal condensate recovery.
  • Counter-Current Configuration: Ensured the Heat Exchanger operated in a counter-current configuration across all digesters. This setup, known for its superior efficiency, was instrumental in optimising heat transfer and subsequently, condensate recovery.
  • Standardised Heat Exchangers: Established the use of identical annular Heat Exchangers on all digesters, promoting uniformity and streamlining the recovery process.
  • Sensor Calibration: Undertook meticulous calibration of the conductivity sensors. Accurate data from these sensors is crucial for monitoring system performance and making data-driven modifications.


Anssum’s systematic methodology yielded significant achievements:

  • Enhanced Condensate Recovery: The recovery efficiency saw a significant boost, with an increase of 20%, resulting in an impressive 60% recovery rate.
  • Improved Sensor Longevity: Strategic process alterations led to a decrease in the frequency of conductivity sensor replacements, ensuring longer operational life and reduced maintenance overheads.

In Conclusion

The Heat Exchanger Condensate Recovery initiative is a testament to Anssum’s dedication to water conservation and technical prowess. By leveraging innovative solutions and emphasising sustainability, Anssum continues to establish industry standards and champion a future of water efficiency.

“Anssum remains committed to devising solutions that not only address technical challenges but also contribute to global sustainability.”