The challenge of ensuring energy efficiency while maintaining equipment longevity and production effectiveness is one that industries worldwide grapple with. Anssum’s project in South Africa, titled “Evaporator Washing Optimisation,” showcases a strategic approach to tackle this challenge, especially concerning the MgO#1 pre-evaporators.

Project Overview

  • Category: Energy
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Evaporator Washing Optimisation
  • Status: In progress


Evaporators, especially in industrial settings, need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure their optimal functioning. Over time, residues can accumulate, affecting the efficiency of the evaporators and necessitating unplanned shutdowns.

The Challenge

Extending the mean time between shutdowns for the MgO#1 pre-evaporators.

  • Ensuring that the evaporators, Alice and Rhonda, are shut down for cleaning only when necessary, optimising the cleaning schedule based on the actual condition of the equipment.
  • Implementing a system that can evaluate the condition of each of the four effects in real-time.

Anssum's Innovative Solution

To address these challenges, Anssum proposed the following solutions:

  • Development of Two KPIs: Anssum introduced two Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the evaporators.
    • Short-term KPI: This KPI helps establish the condition of each of the four effects in real-time. It aids in immediate decision-making, ensuring that any effect that is dirty or not working optimally is addressed promptly.
    • Long-term KPI: This KPI determines whether Alice or Rhonda needs to be shut down for cleaning. It will be used to optimise the cleaning schedule, ensuring that shutdowns are planned considering the overall mill conditions.

Closed-loop System: The short-term KPI can be employed in a closed-loop manner. By adjusting the surge tank level set points, it’s possible

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Extended Equipment Longevity: By ensuring that the evaporators are cleaned only when necessary, their lifespan and efficiency are expected to improve.
  • Optimised Cleaning Schedules: The use of the long-term KPI will help in scheduling cleaning processes at optimal times, reducing unplanned shutdowns.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The closed-loop system using the short-term KPI will ensure that the evaporators are always functioning at their peak efficiency.


Anssum’s Evaporator Washing Optimisation project is a testament to the company’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable operations. By leveraging technology and strategic planning, Anssum continues to pave the way for a more energy-efficient future.

Anssum is steadfast in its mission to provide solutions that combine technological prowess with sustainable practices, ensuring both operational excellence and environmental responsibility.