In a world where water, chemical, and environmental efficiency are imperative, Anssum’s innovative approach to the Batch Digester LP Gas Release project in South Africa stands out, illustrating the company’s dedication to enhancing process efficacy while prioritising sustainable practices.

Project Overview

  • Focus Areas: Water, Chemicals, Environment
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Batch Digester LP Gas Release
  • Status: Completed

Setting the Scene

Batch digesters are essential components in the chemical processing realm, with the Low Pressure (LP) gas release playing a pivotal role in the overall system performance. Recognising the potential for optimisation, Anssum embarked on an initiative to bolster heat transfer efficiency within the system.

The Challenge

The core challenge was maximising the heat transfer within the heat exchangers:

  • The aim was to harness the potential of the LP gas, capitalising on its pressure and density attributes to boost heat transfer.
  • Ensuring optimal temperature control was crucial for the successful execution of the project.

Anssum's Ingenious Solution

With a keen eye for detail and a forward-thinking approach, Anssum proposed a transformative strategy:

  • Relocation for Enhanced Control: The initiative pivoted on relocating the effective LP gas release pressure control downstream of the heat exchangers. This strategic move was designed to harness the maximal pressure of the LP gas, thus enhancing its density and, in turn, facilitating increased heat transfer within the heat exchangers.
  • Temperature Optimisation: As a testament to the success of the relocation strategy, the LP exit gas temperature observed a significant decrease – by 8°C in LP2 and a remarkable 15°C in LP3. Furthermore, the strengthening tank temperature was reduced by 2°C, further optimising the process.


The Batch Digester LP Gas Release project in South Africa underscores Anssum’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Through strategic re-evaluation and optimisation, Anssum continues to set industry standards, ensuring processes are not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.

Anssum remains at the forefront of championing water, chemical, and environmental efficiency, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the industry.