In the dynamic world of production, accurate prediction and control are paramount. Anssum’s recent project in South Africa, focusing on Batch Digester Modelling, exemplifies a groundbreaking approach to enhancing production efficiency and accuracy.

Project Overview

  • Category: Production
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Batch Digester Modelling
  • Status: Monitoring accuracy


Batch digesters play a crucial role in processing raw materials. However, the inherent challenge lies in ensuring that each cook achieves the desired viscosity. A deviation from the targeted viscosity can result in an overcook or undercook, leading to wastage and inefficiencies.

The Challenge

Achieving consistent viscosity for each cook in batch digesters.

  • Minimising the occurrence of overcooks and undercooks, which can compromise product quality and lead to resource wastage.

Anssum's Ingenious Solution

To address the challenge head-on, Anssum employed advanced modelling techniques:

  • State Space Model: This mathematical model describes the dynamic behavior of the system and provides insights into how changes in inputs affect the system’s outputs.
  • Integration of Kalman Filter: A renowned algorithm, the Kalman filter estimates the variables of interest from indirect and noisy measurements. In this context, it was employed to predict the viscosity of each cook with high accuracy.
  • Viscosity Prediction for Process Adjustment: The viscosity prediction derived from the model and filter was then utilised to fine-tune the S-factor. By adjusting this factor, Anssum aimed to achieve optimal viscosity and significantly reduce the chances of overcooks and undercooks.

The Way Forward

Currently, the focus remains on monitoring the accuracy of the model and its predictions. This ongoing assessment will ensure that the model remains robust and continues to deliver optimal results, driving efficiency in batch digester operations.


The Batch Digester Modelling project in South Africa underscores Anssum’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance production processes. By integrating state-of-the-art modelling techniques and predictive algorithms, Anssum is poised to redefine the standards of production efficiency and accuracy in the industry.

Anssum’s drive to innovate and optimise sets a benchmark for the future of production, demonstrating a blend of technological prowess and industry expertise.