In the face of global water scarcity, optimising water utilisation in industrial processes is more crucial than ever. Anssum’s project in South Africa, centered on Plant Wide Water Scheduling, epitomises this commitment to water conservation and efficient resource management.

Project Overview

  • Category: Water
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Plant Wide Water Scheduling
  • Status: Completed


Water plays a pivotal role in numerous industrial processes, and its efficient management is paramount to ensure uninterrupted production. Overlapping regeneration and backwash sequences can strain reservoir levels, potentially leading to production halts.

The Challenge

Ensuring water security by preventing high demand periods on the reservoir due to overlapping regeneration and backwash sequences.

  • Mitigating production losses associated with low reservoir levels.
  • Enhancing water efficiency in pulp production processes.

Anssum's Innovative Solution

To address these challenges, Anssum introduced a comprehensive scheduling system:

  • Intelligent Scheduling: The system schedules regeneration and backwash sequences to minimise overlapping. This intelligent approach ensures that the reservoir is not unduly strained during high demand periods.
  • Optimised Water Usage: The solution not only ensures water security but also optimises water usage in pulp production. This means producing more pulp per unit volume of water, thereby enhancing water efficiency.

Benefits & Outcomes

The project’s completion has led to several noteworthy outcomes:

  • Enhanced Water Security: The intelligent scheduling has significantly mitigated the risk of production losses due to low reservoir levels.
  • Improved Water Efficiency: There has been a marked reduction in specific water usage. The plant now produces more pulp for every cubic meter of water used.
  • Stabilised Water Demand: The system reduces the variance in water demand, ensuring a more predictable and stable utilisation pattern.


Anssum’s Plant Wide Water Scheduling project stands as a beacon of sustainable industrial practices. By prioritising water conservation and optimising its use, Anssum showcases its commitment to both environmental responsibility and production excellence.

Anssum remains at the forefront of sustainable solutions, leveraging technological advancements to ensure a greener and more resource-efficient future.