Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Realisation

Anssum’s pulp and paper industry business was born out of a desire to bring together industry, universities, and students to solve real-world problems and develop high-end scientific solutions. Our journey began with a collaboration between a prominent South African university and a global paper and pulp company based in South Africa.

The objective of the collaboration was to develop new control algorithms for older Recovery Boilers that did not have all the latest instrumentation installed. The challenge was to create algorithms that could be implemented on the existing control infrastructure while also considering up and downstream process changes. This was a complex problem that required expertise from multiple fields, including chemical engineering, process control, and data analysis.

The collaboration was a success, with significant improvements made for the paper and pulp company, benefits for the students who worked on the project, and additional research funding for the university. Anssum was also able to commercialise the technology, creating a win for everyone involved.

This success led to the establishment of Anssum’s advanced process control company, which has since become a respected global leader in the field. Our approach to partnering with universities and industry has become a full-time business endeavor. We have an invested interest in current and cutting-edge research produced by universities, and we assist universities in fast-tracking their world-changing research into technology that can be adopted by industry. With the practical application of the research, industry trials are conducted and invaluable information is gathered to help fast-track commercialisation.

We are passionate about projects that support the United Nations 17 development goals, especially those relating to affordable clean energy, good health and well-being, industry innovation, and clean water and sanitation. By establishing working partnerships between businesses and researchers, we are able to create mutually beneficial partnerships that produce groundbreaking innovations that solve complex problems.

At Anssum, we believe that bridging the gap between innovation and realisation is essential for solving complex problems and creating meaningful solutions. We are proud to continue this tradition of collaboration, innovation, and progress, and we look forward to working with new partners to create solutions that make a difference.

Research Augmentation

We specialise in augmenting research for maximum industrial impact by taking a multi disciplinary approach and by incorporating new insights.

Driving Industry Transformation

Our ultimate goal is to foster innovation and drive industry advancement with next-generation technology, creating a better and more sustainable world for all.

How it works

Anssum helps clients identify improvement opportunities and prioritise them based on their potential impact. We involve subject matter experts, model the process, interview stakeholders, and observe the process to accurately identify underlying issues.

After identifying root causes, we conduct broad scanning to select relevant technologies with appropriate Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). The chosen technologies are evaluated with relevant criteria and developed with the necessary capacity and capability.

Our team with extensive experience in research augmentation manage the process and ensure the technologies developed are implementable, address the unique needs and can be commercialised.

We also identify promising research that can benefit industry and work with a few select partners to augment the research for desired industrial impact. These partners receive preferential or exclusive access at commercialisation.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between innovation and realisation, creating a better world for all.

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