The pursuit of innovation in the realm of energy conservation is ceaseless, and Anssum has consistently been at the forefront of this journey. Their recent initiative, the “Recovery Boiler Air Supply Stabilisation” project, launched in Canada from 01/03/2023 and presently ongoing, is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Project Overview

  • Category: Energy
  • Location: Canada
  • Project: Recovery Boiler Air Supply Stabilisation
  • Duration: 01/03/2023 – Present
  • Status: In Progress


Recovery boilers are indispensable in the pulp and paper industry, efficiently converting black liquor into steam while reclaiming chemicals for reutilisation. A critical aspect that dictates their efficiency is the consistency and adequacy of the air supply, which is vital for optimal combustion.

The Challenge

  • Ensure stable and precise control over the primary, secondary, and tertiary air supply systems in the recovery boiler.
  • Counteract disturbances and fluctuations in air supply, which can impact combustion efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple air supply systems to achieve a harmonised and efficient operation.

Anssum's Innovative Solution

To tackle these challenges head-on, Anssum implemented a multi-faceted strategy:

  • Damper Control: Incorporation of advanced damper systems to modulate the airflow, ensuring a consistent and optimal air supply for combustion.
  • MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) Control: Leveraging MIMO technology to simultaneously control the primary, secondary, and tertiary air supply systems. This ensures a synchronised operation, optimising combustion and boiler efficiency.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Deployment of state-of-the-art sensors and monitoring systems to provide real-time feedback, enabling instant adjustments and ensuring the boiler operates at peak efficiency.

Expected Outcomes

  • Precision Air Supply Control: The integration of damper and MIMO control will ensure that the air supply is consistent, optimising combustion and enhancing boiler efficiency.
  • Reduced Operational Disruptions: With real-time monitoring and instant adjustments, potential disruptions and inefficiencies can be preempted and mitigated.
  • Sustainable Operations: Optimised combustion will not only lead to energy savings but also ensure efficient chemical recovery and reduced environmental impact.


The “Recovery Boiler Air Supply Stabilisation” initiative underscores Anssum’s dedication to pioneering solutions that drive industrial efficiency. By blending cutting-edge technology with pragmatic applications, Anssum is setting new benchmarks in energy conservation and operational excellence.

In a world where sustainable operations are imperative, endeavors such as these by Anssum provide a roadmap for industries to transition towards a more energy-efficient future.