Water is a precious resource, and its judicious use is the need of the hour. Anssum, committed to sustainable solutions, undertook an initiative in South Africa focusing on the Blowtank Scrubber system. This article highlights the innovative measures adopted and the tangible benefits reaped from the project.

Project Overview

  • Focus Area: Water Conservation
  • Country: South Africa
  • Description: Blowtank Scrubber Attenuation
  • Status: Completed
  • Timeline: May 15, 2022 – May 29, 2022

The Challenge

The Blowtank Scrubber, a critical component in the water treatment process, had a key issue: the existing control mechanism maintained a static flow rate setpoint for each discharge. This one-sise-fits-all approach didn’t consider specific process parameters that affect the scrubber’s absorption capacity. As a result, excessive SO2 landed in the cool acid tank, leading to wastage as it was eventually disposed of.

The Anssum Approach

Understanding the criticality of the issue, Anssum proposed a more sophisticated control mechanism for the chilled water flow into the absorber. The solution was grounded in adapting the water flow based on specific, real-time process parameters. These parameters included:

  • Blowtank Pressure: Recognising that variations in blowtank pressure could influence the scrubber’s efficiency, it was incorporated as a primary control parameter.
  • Venturi 6 pH: The pH level in Venturi 6 serves as a critical indicator of the absorption process’s effectiveness. By monitoring and responding to this parameter, the system could dynamically adjust water flow.


Anssum’s intelligent approach bore fruit:

  • Water Conservation: There was a significant 10% reduction in water consumption. This not only translates to tangible savings but also underscores Anssum’s commitment to sustainability.

In Conclusion

The Blowtank Scrubber Attenuation project is a testament to Anssum’s prowess in identifying inefficiencies and crafting tailored solutions. In an era where water conservation is paramount, such initiatives play a pivotal role in setting industry standards and advocating for a more sustainable future.

At Anssum, the mission is clear: to drive innovations that align with global sustainability goals, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all.