Water conservation, chemical processing, and environmental conservation are areas of critical importance in today’s world. Anssum, with its deep expertise and commitment to innovation, has once again demonstrated its ability to transform industrial processes. A recent initiative focused on Flash Tanks Optimisation in South Africa is a testament to this prowess.

Project Overview

  • Focus Areas: Water, Chemicals, Environment
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Flash Tanks Optimisation
  • Status: Completed
  • Timeline: 23/02/2022 – 23/03/2022

The Challenge

Flash tanks, vital in the separation and recovery processes, were not performing up to their original design specifications. This led to inefficiencies in the system, impacting downstream processes.

Anssum's Solution

Anssum identified the need to overhaul the control mechanisms surrounding the flash tanks. Their proposition was clear:

  • Reversion to Fundamentals: By reverting back to simple yet effective PID controllers, Anssum aimed to ensure precise control of variables within the base layer loops.
  • Ensuring Design Integrity: The overhaul was not just about introducing new controls but ensuring that the flash tanks performed as they were initially designed to.

Tangible Outcomes

Post-implementation of Anssum’s strategies, the results were commendable:

  • Pressure Boost: There was a significant increase in flash tank 1 pressure by 300 kPa, indicating better separation and recovery processes.
  • Enhanced SO2 Recovery: The absorption reliability in SO2 recovery improved by a remarkable 40%, showcasing the effectiveness of the initiative.
  • Stabilised Liquor Discharges: The overhaul reduced variability in liquor discharges, ensuring a more consistent process. Furthermore, the controllability of the liquor being discharged saw marked improvements, leading to enhanced system efficiency.

In Conclusion

With its strategic approach to the Flash Tanks Optimisation project, Anssum has once again showcased its ability to drive impactful change. The project underscores Anssum’s unwavering commitment to refining processes, conserving resources, and ensuring a sustainable future in the water, chemicals, and environmental sectors.

Anssum’s initiatives continue to set benchmarks in industry best practices, proving that with innovation and expertise, challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and sustainability.