In the realm of chemical processing and environmental conservation, every change, no matter how minute, can ripple through an entire system, impacting efficiency and sustainability. Anssum’s recent initiative, focusing on the Batch Digester HP Gas Release in South Africa, offers a deep dive into the intricacies of system interdependencies and the need for adaptive strategies.

Project Overview

  • Focus Areas: Chemicals, Environment
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Batch Digester HP Gas Release
  • Status: Completed
  • Timeline: 17/11/2022 – 28/11/2022


The liquor discharge flash tanks underwent an upgrade, leading to a more efficient and consistent liquor discharge system. This upgrade, while effective in its primary goal, had a cascading effect on the digester’s pressure management post-cook.

The Challenge

Due to the enhanced liquor discharge system, the digester’s pressure, post-cook, was now released more effectively. This shift impacted the High Pressure (HP) gas releases:

  • The HP valve remained shut for extended durations before the digester’s pressure reached the set point, as the pressure was primarily reduced through the liquor discharge.
  • Consequently, traditional HP gas releases were no longer as effective.

Anssum's Insightful Recommendation

Understanding the system’s new dynamics, Anssum proposed an adaptive solution:

  • Time Efficiency: It was recommended to reduce the HP gas release phase time by 10 minutes. This reduction is not just a time-saving measure but a reflection of the system’s new capability to release gas more efficiently post the liquor discharge upgrade.
  • Safety and Consistency: The faster gas release doesn’t compromise on safety. The recommendation ensures that the gas release remains consistent and effective, aligning with the new pressure dynamics of the digester.

Key Outcome

The primary achievement post the recommendation’s implementation was the shift from a constant pressure release to a constant volume release, ensuring a more predictable and stable operation.

In Conclusion

Anssum’s approach to the Batch Digester HP Gas Release post the liquor discharge upgrades underscores the company’s holistic perspective. By understanding the interconnectedness of systems and foreseeing potential challenges, Anssum continues to lead with innovation, ensuring both chemical efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Through initiatives like these, Anssum reiterates its commitment to pushing boundaries, adapting to changes, and ensuring that every process is optimised for the future.