Canada, with its vast industrial framework, has always been a hub for innovation and forward-thinking approaches. Anssum, leading the charge in this domain, initiated a pioneering project known as the “Evaporator Predictive Washing Scheduling” between 01/01/2022 – 01/07/2022 in Canada. The goal was to harness the power of predictive analytics to determine the optimal times for evaporator maintenance.

Project Overview

  • Category: Energy
  • Location: Canada
  • Project: Evaporator Predictive Washing Scheduling
  • Duration: 01/01/2022 – 01/07/2022
  • Status: Completed


Evaporators, widely used in numerous industries, play a pivotal role in concentrating solutions. However, over time, these evaporators can get dirty, affecting their efficiency and leading to increased energy consumption. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep them at peak performance. But the question remains: When is the right time to wash them?

The Challenge

  • Predict the optimal washing times for the evaporators.
  • Ensure the evaporators remain cleaner for more extended periods.
  • Reduce unscheduled downtimes and enhance overall efficiency.

Anssum's Ingenious Solution

Anssum approached this challenge with a multi-faceted strategy:

  • Data Collection: Employ sensors and data collection devices to gather real-time data from the evaporators, monitoring factors like efficiency, temperature fluctuations, and residue accumulation.
  • Predictive Analysis: Utilise advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse the collected data and predict the optimal washing times. This ensures that the evaporators are cleaned just before any significant efficiency drop, maximising their operational duration.
  • Automated Scheduling: Based on the predictive analysis, an automated schedule for washing the evaporators is generated. This ensures timely maintenance without human intervention.

Remarkable Outcomes

  • Increased Efficiency: By predicting and scheduling washes at the optimal time, the evaporators remained cleaner for longer durations, ensuring consistent high efficiency.
  • Reduced Downtimes: Predictive scheduling meant fewer unscheduled downtimes, leading to uninterrupted operations and higher productivity.
  • Resource Conservation: By ensuring the evaporators operate at peak efficiency for longer durations, there was a notable reduction in energy consumption.


The “Evaporator Predictive Washing Scheduling” project epitomises Anssum’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology into everyday industrial operations. By blending data science with practical applications, Anssum continually sets new industry standards, driving towards a future of efficiency and sustainability.

Harnessing the potential of predictive analytics, industries can leap into a future where maintenance is not just a routine but a strategically planned endeavor.