Canada’s energy landscape has been rapidly evolving, with industries and businesses striving for optimised energy consumption. Anssum, ever at the forefront of these endeavours, embarked on a project termed “Evaporator Solids Density Control” in Canada, aiming to refine the management of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in evaporators.

Project Overview

  • Category: Energy
  • Location: Canada
  • Project: Evaporator Solids Density Control
  • Status: Completed


Evaporators are crucial in various industries for concentrating solutions by evaporating the solvent. One of the main challenges in this process is maintaining the right balance of TDS in the outlet, especially in multi-effect evaporators. Precise control of TDS not only ensures product quality but also significantly impacts energy consumption.

The Challenge

  • Achieve accurate control of TDS in the outlet of effect 1, 2, and 3.
  • Reduce energy consumption associated with these processes.

Anssum's Pioneering Solution

Anssum embarked on this project with a clear focus:

  • Advanced Monitoring: Implement state-of-the-art sensors and monitoring systems to continuously track the TDS levels in the outlets of the three effects.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Based on the data gathered, dynamically adjust the operation parameters to maintain optimal TDS levels, ensuring consistent product quality and efficient operation.
  • Energy Conservation: By maintaining the ideal TDS, the energy required for the evaporation process is reduced, leading to significant energy savings.

Impressive Outcomes

  • Energy Savings: The project led to an energy saving of 15.4 kWh per ton of Dry solids, marking a significant stride in energy conservation.
  • Economic Impact: These energy savings translated to an annual monetary benefit of $CAD 238k, highlighting the economic advantages of optimised operations.


The “Evaporator Solids Density Control” project stands as a beacon of Anssum’s dedication to energy efficiency and operational excellence. By harmonising advanced technology with industry best practices, Anssum consistently showcases its capability in ushering industries towards sustainable and economical operations.

In the realm of energy optimisation, it’s projects like these that set the benchmark. With dedicated efforts and innovative solutions, a sustainable energy future is within reach.