Water, as a crucial resource in industrial applications, demands efficient management. Anssum’s endeavor in South Africa, titled “Mill Wide Warm and Hot Water Balancing,” showcases an exemplary approach to optimise water usage and minimise wastage.

Project Overview

  • Category: Water
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Mill Wide Warm and Hot Water Balancing
  • Status: Completed


The MgO1 Warm/Hot water tank stands as a linchpin in the cooling process of MgO2 and MgO3 flash tanks, LP coolers, and liquor coolers. With a systematic exchange of water, MgO3 returns the heated water to the MgO1 hot water tank, while MgO2 redirects its heated water to Bleaching 4. Although overflows at MgO1 and MgO2 facilitate the transfer from the MgO1 warm water tank to the MgO3A warm water tank, they are not primarily intended for level control. These transfers, while essential, posed a challenge in conserving water and preventing unnecessary wastage.

The Challenge

  • Streamline the transfer of water between different sections of the plant.
  • Minimise the influx of mill water into the system.
  • Reduce water wastage due to overflows.

Anssum's Holistic Solution

Understanding the intricacies of the water transfer system, Anssum set out to:

  • Enhance Transfer Efficiency: By revisiting the water transfer dynamics, Anssum ensured that water moved seamlessly between MgO1, MgO2, and MgO3, catering to the cooling needs without wastage.
  • Optimal Overflow Management: The overflows at MgO1 and MgO2, initially incidental, were effectively managed to minimise water losses.
  • Efficient Level Control: While the tanks had their inherent level control mechanisms, Anssum’s intervention fine-tuned these controls to maintain optimal water levels and prevent unnecessary water intake from the mill.

Remarkable Outcomes

  • Substantial Water Savings: Anssum’s efforts bore fruit with a significant reduction in water consumption. The initiative led to a decrease in 70 m3/hr of mains water, underscoring the project’s success.


The “Mill Wide Warm and Hot Water Balancing” project is a testament to Anssum’s expertise in resource optimisation. By strategically balancing water levels and transfers across the mill, Anssum not only conserved a precious resource but also set a benchmark for industries to emulate.

Anssum’s commitment to efficient water management resonates in projects like these, proving that with foresight and technical prowess, industries can strike a balance between operational demands and sustainable practices.