In the realm of industrial processes, even a minor oversight can lead to a significant waste of resources. Anssum’s project on the “Washpit Scrubber Condenser Control” in South Africa is a testament to the importance of timely intervention and innovative solutions.

Project Overview

  • Category: Water
  • Location: South Africa
  • Project: Washpit Scrubber Condenser Control
  • Status: Completed


Scrubbers play a critical role in reducing emissions from industrial processes. In South Africa’s industrial landscape, the washpit scrubber was designed with a logic to increase water usage whenever the stack SO2 measurement surpassed a specific threshold. While the logic effectively kept emissions in check, it inadvertently strained the warm water circuit.

The Challenge

  • Address the excessive water consumption by the scrubber.
  • Find an alternative to the existing logic that triggers increased water usage.
  • Ensure that SO2 emissions remain within acceptable limits without compromising on water efficiency.

Anssum's Insightful Solution

A thorough investigation by Anssum revealed a crucial observation: the incoming temperature to the scrubber rose noticeably before any increase in stack emissions was detected. This temperature change presented a timely warning sign, an opportunity to preemptively address potential emissions.

Building on this discovery, Anssum implemented a two-pronged approach:

  • Temperature Monitoring: By continuously monitoring the incoming temperature, the system could predict potential stack emissions before they occurred.
  • New Logic Implementation: Capitalising on the early warning from temperature changes, Anssum introduced new logic. This innovative logic reacted to temperature shifts, adjusting the scrubber’s operations preemptively and reducing the likelihood of triggering the old water-intensive logic.

Impressive Outcomes

  • Water Savings: The project resulted in a significant conservation of water. There was a 50% reduction in water supplied to the scrubber, translating to savings of 50 to 100 m3/hr.
  • Efficient Emission Control: The new logic ensured that SO2 emissions were effectively managed without the need for excessive water usage.
  • Protection of Warm Water Circuit: The reduced water demand from the scrubber alleviated the strain on the warm water circuit, ensuring its longevity and efficiency.


The Washpit Scrubber Condenser Control project exemplifies Anssum’s commitment to sustainable solutions that balance operational needs with environmental responsibility. By turning challenges into opportunities for innovation, Anssum continues to redefine industry standards and pave the way for a more resource-efficient future.

Anssum’s dedication to water conservation and process optimisation proves that with the right approach, industries can thrive while upholding environmental values.